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Sundials: An Illustrated History of Portable Dials
Hester Higton
Philip Wilson Publishers, London, 2001 first edition

Condition like new, book and dust cover both.

Hardbound with dust cover. 8.25 x 11 inches. 136 Pages, approx. 100 color photographs, several line drawings and charts. This book concentrates on portable sundials, the traveler's timepiece before good watches became available. The period is from the second millennium BC, well into the 19th century. Most of the examples shown, and beautifully photographed, are from England's National Maritime Museum. Like everything published by the Antique Collectors' Club, it is of the highest production standards.
ISBN•ASIN: 0856675237
$ 42.50
$ 4.01
Biographical Index of British Sundial Makers from the Seventh Century to 1920
Jill Wilson
The British Sundial Society, Crowthorne, Berks, 2007 second edition

Like new condition

Paperbound. 8.25 x 11.5 inches. 173 Pages, dozens of b/w photographs and line drawings. The book is usefully organized chronologically into five sections so that the reader can track styles and methods of manufacture. Makers are listed alphabetically within section. Several appendices cover guilds with known sundial makers as members, Apprenticeships, freemen and brothers of London guilds, and a listing of masters and apprentices in guilds. The overall index takes in every name mentioned. A very high quality production on a very specialized subject.
ISBN•ASIN: 978095184044
$ 30.00
$ 4.01
Easy-to-Make Wooden Sundials: Instructions and Plans for 5 Projects
Milton Stoneman
Dover Publications, New York. 1982 first edition.

Cover with very mild wear. Sound and in very good condition.

Paperbound. 8.25 x 11 inches. 38 Pages, 24 illustrations and line drawings. From the back cover: Gnomonics is to the scientific what the Art of Dyalling is to antiquaries: both refer to the art, science, and craft of sundials. The sundial, the oldest mechanical clock, is also the truest — when properly set and corrected it is more accurate at its longitude than modern "standard" time clocks.
A great book for home hobbyists and kids. The patterns of the 5 types of dial can be directly transferred to wood.
ISBN•ASIN: 0486241416
$ 6.50
$ 3.45

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