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Traditional Woodworking Handtools: A Manual for the Woodworker
Graham Blackburn
The Lyons Press, New York, NY, 1998 first edition

Very good condition.

Paperbound. 8.5 x 11 inches. 364 pages, 402 b/w drawings/illustrations. Chapters include Holding Tools, Setting-out Tools, Sawing Tools, Planes, Edge Tools, Boring Tools, and Miscellaneous Tools. Everything shown is described in great detail. Certainly one of the most complete guides to woodworking tools ever published.
ISBN•ASIN: 1558218742
$ 40.00
$ 4.57
The Antique Tool Collector's Guide to Value
Ronald S. Barlow
Windmill Publishing Co., California, 1985 first edition

Very good condition.

Paperbound. 9 x 12 inches. 229 pages, hundreds of b/w drawings and photographs. This is a dictionary of antique tools, with 55 categories from adzes to wrenches. Prices come from auction results and dealers' catalogs, but the real value here is the extensive information about the tools themselves, their makers, and the relative value of each tool within its own category. The price includes four issues (vol. 49/no.3 thru vol. 50/no.3) of Fine Tool Journal.
ISBN•ASIN: 933846010
$ 22.00
$ 5.69
Tools: Working Wood in Eighteenth-Century America
James M. Gaynor and Nancy L. Hagedorn
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1993 first edition

Like new condition.

Paperbound. 8.5 x 11 inches. 126 Pages, over 150 b/w and color photographs. Part of the Williamsburg Decorative Arts series of books. An absolutely superb encyclopedia of the woodworking tools used in Colonial America, profusely illustrated and documented. There are very good sections on the development of the tool industry in America, illustrations from makers' catalogues, and historic paintings showing the tools being used.
ISBN•ASIN: 0879350989
$ 20.00
$ 4.01

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