Charles Edwin - antique clocks and barometers

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Home Page. An introduction to the site.
About Us. How to get in touch with us; what we'd like to buy; what we don't have time to do; and some links.
Contact Us. A form to register your interests.
Delivery for clocks and barometers. We'd be happy to....
Classic Web Design. Our wholly-owned subsidiary. Thinking about a website?

* * * C A T A L O G S * * *

Clocks. Longcase (grandfather), mostly, with some mantel and bracket clocks.
Barometers. Mercurial, only, except for barographs. English, American, French, whatever.
Furniture. Furniture and accessories that we rather liked.
Instruments. Astronomical, weighing, and surveying instruments; tools.
Reference Books. Much of our reference library is now for sale.

* * * T E C H N I C A L * * *

Reading List. References for clocks, barometers, and scientific instruments.
Clock problems. A few solutions for a few minor operational problems.
Evaluating clocks. Answers the question "...why do some clocks cost more than others?"
Researching clocks. How to find out about your own clock.
Moon dials. Their structure and function.
How to move a barometer. Stick or banjo; across the room or the world.
How to read a barometer. Why it says RAIN when it's sunny outside.
How to calibrate a barometer or correct its reading. Make it match the Weather Service.
Can your antique mercury barometer damage your health? The short answer is NO, but go here for the long version.