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2/2020: Just added 32 more - 20 on clocks; 5 on instruments, 4 for barometers, 3 on sundials
This is the contents of our reference library, 30 years in the making.
There is only one copy of each book. Click here for the catalog and order form.

We specialize in antique mercury barometers, antique longcase (or grandfather or tallcase) clocks, and antique scientific instruments that include antique telescopes, sun dials, navigational and astronomical instruments, and surveying tools. CATALOGS of antique clocks, barometers, telescopes, and furniture include pictures, prices, and descriptions.

In the Spirit of the Web, we provide relevant but hard-to-find information in our TECHNICAL section.

And, finally, ABOUT US will tell you other things we think you might like to know -- how to find us and how we do business.

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