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Our antique barometers are all in working order and in superb condition. Any restoration needed has been performed correctly, and the function and appearance are as the makers intended them to be.

In order to function they have mercury in them. We are just as aware as you are that mercury has a rep for being "toxic," but then so does drain cleaner and insect spray. The question should be how toxic, and under what conditions. Our Technical Section has information on exactly that subject. As you can see, we aren't offering anything that would put you or your family in any danger, but the mercury can always be removed if you prefer.

If you find one you like we want to get it to you in working condition. We have 40 years of experience in coping with the issue, and solutions range all the way from hand-delivering your barometer to draining out the mercury for shipment. We'll work with you to be sure you're happy with your acquisition. Please contact us with any questions.

Antique barometer- W & S Jones, London Antique Georgian Period 4-tube barometer Mowbray marineAntique barometer- Lainton, Halifax Georgian period stick by JM Ronchetti Antique Georgian Period barometer Negretti & Zambra barometer Early dial by Somalvico Adie Sympiesometer Georgian period stick by Ronchetti Antique barometer- Stoppani Dutch Antique American marine barometer Antique barometer- Gafurio Antique Danish barometer

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And please contact us for more information or if you're looking for a particular type of barometer.

Please note:
We regret that we do not have the time to answer individual questions about barometers and instruments(other, of course, than those we have for sale). For help please see the articles we have prepared for this purpose in the Technical section.

We're retiring: we do not offer appraisal services-- and our restoration shop is now closed.

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