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Can Your Antique Mercury Barometer Damage Your Health?
How can I move a mercury barometer safely?
How can I make my barometer agree with the weather service?
My barometer says fair but it's raining outside! What's wrong?


Why does my longcase clock stop? It worked before I moved it...
What does the moon dial tell me?
How old is my clock and what's it worth?
How can I find out more about my clock's maker?
. . . and our all-time favorite:
All these clocks look alike, so why do some cost a lot more than others?

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We simply do not have the time to answer individual questions about clocks and barometers; our assistance must be limited to these articles.

We do not offer appraisal services, and we no longer repair barometers.

Although clocks and barometers are innately logical and there is often the temptation to attempt home repairs, it is always best to get the opinion of a qualified professional.

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