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English Clocks

The Longcase Clock
by Tom Robinson, 1981, Antique Collectors' Club (England)

British Longcase Clocks
by Derek Roberts, 1990, Schiffer Publishing

Early English Clocks
by P.G. Dawson, C.B. Drover, D.W. Parks, 1982, Antique Collectors' Club (England)

White Dial Clocks
by Brian Loomes, 1981, David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd., (England)

English Dial Clocks
by Ronald Rose, 1978, Antique Collectors' Club (England)

Old Scottish Clockmakers from 1453 to 1850
by John Smith, 1975, EP Publishing Ltd. Yorkshire (England)

English Lantern Clocks
by George White, 1989, Antique Collectors' Club (England)

The Georgian Bracket Clock 1714-1830
by Richard C. Barder, 1993, Antique Collectors' Club (England)

Longcase Painted Dials
Their History and Restoration
by M. F. Tennant, 1995, N.A.G. Press, London

Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World
Vol I by G.H. Baillie, Vol II by Brian Loomes, 1929 and later, N.A.G. Press, London

American Clocks

The American Clock
by E. Battison & P. Kane, 1973, New York Graphic Society

The American Clock
by William H. Distin & Robert Bishop, 1983, Bonanza Books

Book of American Clocks
by Brooks Palmer, 1950, MacMillan

Dictionary of American Clock & Watchmakers
by Kenneth A. Sposato, 1983, Private

by Bert Bolle, 1984 Antique Collectors' Club (England)

series by Edwin Banfield, 1985, Baros Books (England)

  • Stick or Cistern Tube
  • Wheel or Banjo
  • Aneroid and Barographs
Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660-1900
by Edwin Banfield, 1991, Baros Books

English Barometers 1680-1860
by Nicholas Goodison, 1977 Antique Collectors' Club (England)

The History of the Barometer
by W. E. Knowles Middleton, 1964, The Johns Hopkins Press
Baltimore, MD 21218

Scientific Instruments

Early Scientific Instruments: Europe 1400-1800
by Anthony Turner, 1987, Sotheby's Publications

Encyclopedia of Antique Scientific Instruments
by John F. Mills, 1983, Aurum Press (England)

Makers of Surveying Instruments in America Since 1700
by Charles E. Smart, 1962, Regal Art Press

Marine Navigation Instruments
by Jean Randier, 1980, John Murray (England)

Nineteenth-Century Scientific Instruments
by Gerard L'E Turner, 1983, Sotheby's Publications

The Clockwork Universe,
German Clocks and Automata 1550-1650

edited by Klaus Maurice and Otto Mayr, 1980, Smithsonian Instititution, Watson, New York

Geared to the Stars
Henry C. King, 1978, University of Toronto Press

The Divided Circle
by J. A. Bennett, 1987, Phaidon Christie's Ltd.

Sundials: Their Theory and Construction
by Albert E. Waugh, 1973, Dover Publications, New York

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