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Antique barometer- Danish stick barometerMahogany Nineteenth century
stick barometer

A glass plate protects the paper scales, and a manual pointer on a wire slider sets the reading. Ripple moulding decorates the pediment. The mercury system uses a bulb cistern. The scales are Parisian inches, which are 1.066 of an English inch, and divided into twelfths. No maker's name is shown, simply the location KJÖBENHAVN, and the standard weather indications, rendered in Danish:

Meget Tørt -- Very Dry;
-- Constant, Settled;
Smukt Vejr
-- Fine Weather
-- Changeable;
Regn el. Blæst
-- Rain or Wind;
Stærk Regn
-- Heavy Rain,
Storm -- Stormy

Circa 1860-1880


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