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Antique barometer- Lainton stick barometer

Mid 19th century mahogany stick barometer by
Samuel Lainton, Halifax, Yorkshire

Samuel Lainton is well known to barometer collectors for his angle barometers. This stick is in a similar vein, using a large mahogany case with exuberant carving and printed paper register plates. Both case and plates are very original and in excellent condition. The finish is old and well preserved. There are no restorations beyond a cleaning and wax on the finish.

Samuel Lainton practiced in Halifax from approximately 1820 to 1850. Charles Howorth, of the same city, made nearly identical barometers in the same period. It is not known who the principal manufacturer of the two was, and it does not appear that they were in partnership.

Circa 1840
43 Inches high
No. 1653


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