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Sympiesometer, a 19th century compact barometer
Adie Sympiesometer

TAdie Sympiesometerhe sympiesometer was first patented and made in Scotland by Alexander Adie in 1818. It is more compact and less subject to mishandling problems than mercury-filled barometers, and suitable for use on ships at sea as well as in homes and public places.

The upper part of the pressure-measuring tube is filled with hydrogen and the liquid was a type of clear oil with a brown tint for good visibility. Atmospheric ressure is then read from the height of the oil in the tube in the same manner as a mercury barometer.

This example is of large size, and in a fine mahogany case. The engraved, silvered plates are of very good quality. The "agent" (retailer) is shown as Duncan McGregor of Greenock Scotland (practiced 1836 to past 1900), a purveyor of a wide range of instruments.

Circa 1840
24" high, 2.75" wide, 1.25" deep


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