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As you know, the Internet has revolutionized shopping for nearly everything, including clocks and barometers. If you find some item on our website that you're seriously thinking of buying and would like more information about it, please let us know. We'll be happy to provide detailed digital photographs and additional information.


We deliver and install every longcase clock that we can. A proper installation is important for the long term reliability of the clock, and we have nearly 30 years’ experience with successful installation and setup. There is no charge for delivery so long as it can be done in one day’s round trip from our home base, or near to an antiques show where we are exhibiting. Longer deliveries will involve some expense, but it will always be faster and cheaper than packing and shipping the clock. And you’ll be a lot happier with the service.

Large wall clocks are more or less like longcase clocks – some installation work is required so delivery is usually the best solution.

Bracket and other clocks can often be shipped safely and economically, and we provide setup and maintenance instructions as part of the purchase.


Contact us. Depending on the type of barometer it just might be possible.

Scientific instruments

Most instruments can be safely packed for shipment by the normal services. We do almost all our own packing to insure a safe journey.


There are several fine arts/antiques shippers around the east coast, and they cover the whole country and the world. We have good experience with several and can get your purchase to you safely and economically.


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