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Antique Longcase Clocks
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We are pleased to offer these antique clocks. We specialize in longcase or grandfather clocks, bracket clocks, wall clocks, and often have mantel and tower clocks. You may be assured that, as specialists, we have the expertise to judge their quality and worthiness. We personally deliver your longcase clock to you, install it, set it to work, train you in its operation, and provide you with information about its characteristics, operation and maintenance.

Worswick Lancaster mahogany
George III Period 'Lancashire Chippendale'
longcase clock by Thomas Worswick, Lancaster

Slim and elegant, this northern English clock has distinctive design features favored by the Gillows cabinetmakers: an architectural pediment with panels of Chippendale-inspired geometric fretwork, and shaped and dentil mouldings around the hood door. The long shaped door is veneered with sabicu, an exotic hardwood. The eight-day movement strikes hourly, features strike repeating and a lunar mechanism.

8'1" High
Circa 1760-1765
No. 1641

George III Period mahogany clock with lunar
and tidal dials, by Thomas Wiggan, Bristol

Beautifully crafted and very distinctive in style, this Bristol clock is of solid and veneered mahogany with flame veneer on the trunk door. Hood columns are fluted and capped with brass Corinthian capitals.

The 12 inch brass-and-silvered dial features a lunar dial and high tide times for "Bristol Key" around the arch. Thomas Wiggan's four pillar movement is eight days duration with rack striking on a single bell, with lunar movement and calendar date.

Circa 1770-1780
7 Feet 5.5 Inches high
No. 1682

Antique grandfather clock - Fearnley three-train musical

George III Period Northern English quarter-striking
longcase clock by Peter Fearnley, Wigan, Lancashire.

As horologically interesting as it is physically impressive, this mahogany clock has a substantial case that is scaled to support its 14.5-inch brass dial and veryheavy five-pillar movement. It has three trains-- time, hourly strike, and quarter- strike; a full annual calendar, a sweep-center seconds hand, and lunar works.

8 feet, 5 inches high
Circa 1785-90
No. 1611

Antique grandfather clock - London pagoda-top musical longcase

George III Period quarter striking mahogany longcase clock
by William Woodman, Chelsea, London

This is an exceptionally original London clock in superb condition. The beautifully patinated pagoda-toppedcase has minimal restoration, and the eight day movement strikes the quarter hours on a nest of eight bells. Strike silencing is also featured. The dial is very nicely laid out, with the monthly calendar and strike/silent indicators in the arch.

8'4" High
Circa 1780-1790
No. 1658

Antique grandfather clock - Channel Islands mahogany

Regency Period
Channel Islands Regulator

The Comptoise pinwheel movement runs for about 3 weeks, includes More Informationmaintaining power, deadbeat escapement, a type of gridiron pendulum, and acenter sweepseconds hand but no calendar and no strike.

Circa 1820
7'7" High
No. 775

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